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Read more about Elise's responsiblities as a Liberal member for Denison.

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Liberals’ Plan for investment and jobs: A simpler, cheaper, faster, fairer planning scheme

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The Tasmanian Liberals will put in place one planning scheme for all developments in Tasmania – residential, commercial and industrial.

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The Liberals’ Plan: 108 extra Police on the beat

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The majority Hodgman Liberal Government will restore Tasmania Police to the levels before Labor and the Greens took an axe to the frontline – that is, 1228 sworn officers. This means an extra…

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Condolence sheets for MH17 victims available state-wide
Tuesday, 29 July 2014
Tasmanians can now sign condolence sheets in memory of those who lost their lives in the Malaysia Airlines tragedy at all Service Tasmania shops and several Council Offices state-wide. The community is invited to pay tribute to the victims of the Flight MH17 disaster, and express their sympathies... Read more...
Condolence book for victims of the Malaysia Airlines tragedy
Tuesday, 22 July 2014
Tasmanians who wish to pay their respects to those killed in the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 disaster will be able to sign condolence sheets at Parliament House in Hobart from today. I encourage Tasmanians who would like to express their sympathies to those who have lost loved ones in this... Read more...

Elise Archer stands for:

  • attracting investment, supporting initiatives to kickstart our economy and creating jobs, whilst making certain our police, hospitals and schools have the funds they need;
  • ensuring transparency & accountability in government decision making and due process;
  • standing up for our local communities;
  • one state-wide planning scheme for all Tasmania for a fairer, cheaper, simpler and faster planning system;
  • where possible, ensuring essential services such as electricity and water and sewerage can be affordable for all Tasmanians;
  • investigating the economic and practical viability of alternative urban public transport options such as passenger light rail;
  • maintaining high quality road infrastructure, with road safety a priority;
  • delivering better health results, shorter hospital waiting lists, keeping people well and out of hospital, providing more services closer to home, spending the health dollar better and ensuring a fairer Tasmania;
  • lifting our unacceptable education standards and providing better support to teachers and students;
  • maximising opportunities for the greater area of Hobart such as:
    • developing a Capital City Strategy to ensure access to future federal infrastructure funds (as required by COAG by 1 January 2012);
    • ensuring access to the waterfront;
    • maintaining the working Port of Hobart;
    • increasing tourism opportunities;
  • having a long term commitment to affordable housing, together with a consultative homelessness strategy (and models of youth housing to reconnect young people with education, training and work opportunities);
  • working with local government for better community and economic outcomes.