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I was honoured to join today’s graduation ceremony at the Tasmania Police Academy in Rokeby where 19 new graduates officially joined the ranks of Tasmania Police.

Today’s graduation will bring police numbers to 1218, and these 19 brave men and women will now spread out across the state and protect the community.

I congratulate each and every one of these graduates on today’s achievement. It takes hard work and dedication to join the police service, and I wish them every success in what promises to be a career full of challenges and rewards.

Today was also an opportunity to celebrate 100 years of women in policing in Tasmania.

As a strong supporter of gender parity, it’s wonderful to see Tasmania Police leading the way with over 400 female police officers and numerous women employed in specialist roles.

The last two police graduations have seen 19 women graduate out of 39 inductees and today’s graduation has seen both a female dux and a female runner-up, which is true recognition that Tasmania Police is an excellent career path for women.



Today I made a brief statement to the House which was as follows:

I wish to make a brief statement to the House regarding the proceedings which occurred yesterday whereby certain motions were agreed to by the House to enable the Honourable, the Leader of the Opposition, an opportunity to make an address to the House on a specific subject and for a defined period of time.

The motions moved were, in procedural terms, entirely in order. They conformed with precedents originally designed to enable a Member elected by way of a recount to make their inaugural speech to the House in circumstances where, in the absence of special arrangements, that Member would otherwise be restricted in their ability to fully participate in all proceedings of the House.

Yesterday, as I rightly had no forewarning of these proposed motions, I was content to not intervene and for the motions to proceed to enable the House to make its own decisions on the motions. I was particularly mindful that the second motion, the suspension of Standing Orders, activated the protection afforded to minorities prescribed by Standing Order 358 which requires that a two-thirds majority is required to enable a substantive motion to proceed without notice.

Having had the opportunity now to reflect upon yesterday’s proceedings, I feel obliged to formalise my thoughts as to what occurred and offer the following guidance to the House.

As I said, the procedure utilised yesterday was originally adopted out of goodwill in order to welcome to the House a newly elected Member and to provide some certainty of timing of an inaugural speech for the benefit the Member themselves and of family and friends who may wish to be present for this important event in any Member’s Parliamentary career. By tradition, such speeches are not unduly provocative or overtly political in nature, with the quid pro quo of course being that the speech is heard without interjection or interruption.

Yesterday’s motions, whilst procedurally identical, clearly differed from the practice of the House by their intent as they were designed to enable the Leader of the Opposition to make a statement to the House on an area of policy and of considerable political and community interest.

The House of course is master of its own destiny and the motions were agreed to and the Leader made use of the opportunity to make a statement.

My principal concern is that the nature of the procedure was, of its nature, political, for which higher forms of the House should have been used, such as a substantive motion. This form would have provided all Members an opportunity to participate in debate on a Question before the Chair that, once voted upon, would elicit a formal decision of the House.

Finally, I personally think that it would be a pity if the procedure specifically adopted for newly elected Members to make their inaugural speeches was to be ‘re-purposed’ to facilitate other speeches when there are a range of other more appropriate procedural options open for Members to pursue.

Therefore, I counsel all Members to give careful consideration to the procedure most appropriate to the purpose they wish to achieve.



The largest cranes to ever tower over Hobart’s skyline now have names thanks to 10 year old, Liana Stubbs, from South Hobart Primary School!

Liana was inspired by a furry Tassie icon and the historic name for Hobart’s first wharf for her award-winning names of the two Titan cranes on the $689 million Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment project.

The names Liana chose were ‘Nevil the Devil’ because of the Tasmanian Devil and ‘Wapping Big Crane' because the hospital is being built in the historic area once called Wapping and it’s obviously a play on the word ‘whopping.’

As the competition winner, Liana was able to see the cranes proudly wearing their new Tasmanian names.

Today, I presented Liana with a special certificate and she also won an iPad for her Grade 4 class at South Hobart Primary School, kindly donated by Titan Cranes and Rigging.

For the visit to the construction site, Liana was kitted in her own safety gear including a kid-sized high-vis vest.

Liana’s mother, Alison and teacher, Helen Rothwell, also had a close-up view of the works and the giant cranes that are helping to build K-Block, Tasmania’s new state-of-the-art health facility.

K-Block will increase in-patient capacity by almost 250 beds, provide seven more operating and procedure rooms, a new hyperbaric chamber, helipad for aeromedical retrievals, and a one-stop arrivals and departure area for patients.

Work is progressing on site with the construction of footings and the first slab pour that will be part of the lower ground level already completed.

National supplier, Titan Cranes and Rigging Pty Ltd is providing, operating and maintaining the two cranes during the construction of K-Block at a cost of $6.4 million.

‘Name the Crane’ competitions are routinely run on large scale public construction works as a light-hearted way to raise awareness of the project and involve the local community.



Today it is my great pleasure to announce the State Government is providing a $50,000 Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF) grant to the Taroona Volunteer Fire Brigade for Stage 1 of their Driveway Upgrade Project.

The existing driveway at Taroona Fire Station is severely degraded with numerous potholes posing a tripping hazard to volunteers. The driveway is not designed to cope with large amounts of water run-off from fire-fighting exercises. Neither was it designed to handle medium to heavy rigid fire trucks.

Stage 1 aims to repair the driveway to make it much safer for training and to improve its load- bearing capacity. This includes digging up the existing driveway, laying down a new crushed rock base, topped by a 30mm thick asphalt surface. New kerbs on either side will channel water into a proper drainage system.

The Taroona Volunteer Fire Brigade was first established in 1946. In 1982 it became the State’s first volunteer dual purpose brigade with both urban and bush firefighting responsibilities.

Currently the brigade has 25 members and it continues to operate as a dual purpose brigade and serves as a back-up for Hobart Fire Brigade.

Rebuilding the old driveway will create a safer and more attractive training ground for the volunteers, and this will assist to enhance firefighting skills.

It is also hoped the upgrade will encourage more volunteers to join to serve and protect the general public from urban and bushfires.



Applications are now open for grants under the 2018 State Grants Program – Sport and Recreation.

Through the State Grants Program – Sport and Recreation – the Tasmanian Government provides funding to state sporting organisations, state disability sporting organisations, state sector service providers and state active recreation providers.

Grants of up to $60,000 are available to assist organisations to increase their capacity to deliver sport and recreation opportunities for Tasmanians.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to developing and supporting well-planned sport and recreation activities that engage Tasmanians to play sport and to be physically active.

Investing in sport and recreation creates healthier communities and supports the Tasmanian Government’s goal of Tasmania becoming the healthiest state by 2025.

The 2018 State Grants Program – Sport and Recreation Guidelines and Application Form are available at www.dpac.tas.gov.au or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone on: 1800 204 224.

Applications must be received by 12 noon on Tuesday, 26 September 2017.



The Hodgman Liberal Government has set a target for Tasmania to have the healthiest population by 2025, and having a healthy heart is a great first step.

Organisations like the Heart Foundation are a vital part of this goal and the Premier, Will Hodgman, on behalf of the Tasmanian Government donated $50,000 towards the Heart Foundation’s Big Heart Appeal at today’s breakfast launch.

This year’s appeal will focus on sudden cardiac arrest which claims about 10,000 lives each year. There is only a survival rate of about 5-10 per cent, which highlights the importance of defibrillators and CPR skills in the community.

Cardiovascular disease is the single biggest killer of Tasmanian men and women with one-in-three expected to be affected by the disease.

Thank you to the thousands of volunteers who support the Heart Foundation and help raise money to continue funding critical research in the fight against cardiovascular disease.

As an inaugural Heart Champion myself, I encourage Tasmanians to donate to the appeal, and to get tips on healthy eating visit www.heartfoundation.org.au.


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