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Budget 2017

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The 2016-17 Department of Justice Annual Report has confirmed that the Government’s commitment to supporting our frontline staff is working.

Workers compensation for Tasmania Prison staff has dropped from 23.8 average days lost in 2015-16, to just 11.3 in 2016-17.

Upon coming to office, the Hodgman Liberal Government committed to a change management program at the TPS which has now been implemented, and these figures demonstrate our measures are working to better support staff and reduce the possibility of any workplace injuries.

It adds to other measures we have taken to support the TPS, which includes increasing staffing levels by 47.3 FTE since coming to Government, the recruitment of 37 new Correctional Officers since May last year, and recruiting and training 36 more Correctional Officers with 18 new recruits in training as we speak.

In the last two State budgets, we have funded the addition of 81 new beds that are due to come online in mid-2018.

The report also confirms the Government’s strong policies are working to reduce recidivism rates and help offenders get their lives back on track.

Prisoners released during 2014-15 who returned to prison within two years is below the Australian national average of 44 per cent.

We want to continue to reduce recidivism rates and encourage the effective rehabilitation of prisoners so they can adapt to a normal life once their sentence ends, and these figures are very encouraging as they confirm our policies are working to create a safer Tasmania.