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Rebecca White has once again refused to stand up for victims of crime after Labor confirmed they will vote against our plan to scrap remissions.

Labor’s position means they want Tasmania to be the only state or territory in Australia that still lets prisoners out of jail early under remission.

Even worse, they are yet again trying to save face and walk both sides of the street by saying they want to reform remissions, instead of scrapping them. This comes after they initially expressed support for scrapping remissions when we first announced it, and again last month.

It’s yet another example of Rebecca White’s soft on crime approach that sides with criminals and lets criminals back on the streets before they serve their full sentence.

The Hodgman Liberal Government will stand with the community on this.  We will act to prevent the early release of prisoners under remissions granted through the Corrections Act 1997 as it is an outdated practice in Australia that is against community expectations.