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In another massive slap in the face for victims of crime, Labor have confirmed they will keep remissions and let criminals out on the streets, rather than serve their full sentence.

Remissions is an outdated practice that has been removed in every other state and territory in Australia, in some instances two decades ago, and the Hodgman Government will stand with the victims and ensure criminals serve their full sentence handed down by the court.

By contrast, today’s Mercury has confirmed “Labor wants to keep remissions*”, despite initially expressing support for the Government’s plan when it was announced in August^.

Labor’s track record on law and order speaks for itself - they don’t support our plan to imprison those who sexually abuse children, they don’t support our plan to scrap suspended sentences, and now they want to let prisoners out early before they serve their full sentence handed down by the courts.

They are soft on crime, and simply not ready to govern.

*The Mercury 11/10/2017, page 3

^”We’re open to looking at remissions, particularly concerns that have been raised with us around automatic remissions”- Scott Bacon, Southern Cross News, 17/08/2017