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Budget 2017

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Today Labor again proved they will rubbish our hospitals and hardworking heath staff for a headline.

You just can’t trust Labor on health, here are the facts:

FACT: 2018-19 Budget includes $7.6 billion of health spending over the next four years. This is $1.7 billion more than the last term of the Labor-Green Government.

FACT: Labor’s own election policy committed $200 million less than the Government’s record $757 million investment. It was such a disaster that last month they refused to back it in as part of an alternative budget.

FACT: Labor’s health policy not only short changed Tasmanians, it included recurrent funding decreases each and every year, including up to $25 million a year by its third year.

FACT: Labor cut half a billion dollars from Tasmania’s health budget when last in government.

FACT: Former failed Labor Health Minister, Michelle O’Byrne, sacked a nurse a day for nine months.

When will Labor apologise to Tasmanians for sacking nurses and cutting half a billion dollars out of the health budget?

Labor have no credibility when it comes to Tasmania’s health system. 

Elise Archer, Acting Minister for Health