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The Hodgman Liberal Government and University of Tasmania have agreed to place a conservation covenant over habitat and large trees at the site of the Taroona Animal Quarantine Station near Hobart.

An agreement has been reached to place a conservation covenant over a portion of the site at Nubeena Crescent.

Minister for Environment, Elise Archer says the conservation covenant would stop any land owner from removing vegetation or impacting on habitat values. 

“I am aware that concerns have been raised about existing habitat and large Eucalyptus globulus trees located on the southern portion of the land,” Ms Archer said.


“The Hodgman Liberal Government and University have agreed in principle to preparing a conservation covenant over an area between the existing buildings and the foreshore area.”


“The covenant will ensure that this area remains protected for its habitat values into the future.”


University of Tasmania spokesperson Jason Purdie said "We are very keen to work with community and for our community to be comfortable with our plans at IMAS Taroona.


"Our own reports identified the environmental values of the site and we are committed to upholding those. However, if a covenant offers the community an additional level of comfort - putting this issue completely beyond reproach - we are very happy for one to be applied.”


The proposed sale of the land at Taroona was announced as part of the 2017-18 and 2018-19 budget process with the proceeds of the sale being used to fund the new Orange-bellied parrot captive breeding facility that is under construction at five mile Beach.



Elise Archer


Minister for Environment