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Today I had the pleasure of visiting the set of Rosehaven season two, at Longley.

The State Government, through Screen Tasmania, is investing a total of $500,000 in season two of Rosehaven ($300,000 was committed as a 2016/17 Budget measure, which will go towards this investment). Outside of The Kettering Incident, this is the largest investment made by the State Government in a screen production.

The State Government, through Screen Tasmania, invested $450,000 in Rosehaven season one in 2016. The eight-episode series received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, and was nominated for ‘Most Outstanding Comedy Program’ at this year’s Logie Awards.

In addition to the Government funding, Rosehaven season two is being financed by the ABC, Production Company Guesswork Television, Film Victoria and Sundance TV. The total budget of season two is $4.4 million, of which $2 million is expected to be expended on Tasmanian goods and services.

Created and written by Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola, Rosehaven has unprecedented level of Tasmanian involvement, which is a great strength for the State. Co-writer/star Luke McGregor, Co-Producer Fiona McConaghy, second-block Director Shaun Wilson and key cast members Katie Robertson, Kris McQuade and Noela Foxcraft are all Tasmanian.

In fact, Rosehaven season two is providing a total of 89 jobs for Tasmanian cast and crew, including 39 cast (out of a total of 53 roles) and 59 crew (out of a total crew of 102).

The scenes being shot today are the largest in this series as they are set at the ‘Rosehaven Hops Festival’ involving complex sets, the largest crew for the production to date and many extras. The Rosehaven Hops Festival will appear in episode 7 of the series set to air later this year on ABC TV.