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Today the Legislative Council indicated their support for the National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (Commonwealth Powers) Bill 2018.

As a result, from the 1November 2018, Tasmania will formally join the National Redress Scheme meaning that Tasmanian survivors of institutional child sexual abuse can have their applications assessed.

Tasmania’s involvement with the Scheme acknowledges the failings of the past, and I would encourage any non-government institutions that haven’t already indicated their support for the Scheme to do so.

The Scheme will run for 10 years and provides successful applicants with monetary payments, access to counselling, as well as a direct personal response if requested.

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to supporting survivors of abuse. While we can never undo the suffering, our involvement in the Scheme acknowledges the wrong that was done and significantly allows institutions to take responsibility for the harm caused.

Further information on the Scheme is available at http://www.nationalredress.gov.au. 

Elise Archer, Attorney-General




I wish to express my sincere condolences to the family of long-serving former Crown Law senior practitioner Harold Terrance Foulds, known as Terry, who passed away recently.

Mr Foulds first joined the Crown Law Office in the 1980s before leaving to hold various positions in government, including a period as Solicitor-General of Norfolk Island. He also spent time in private practice.

Mr Foulds returned to the Crown in 1996 where he remained a senior practitioner in civil litigation, until his departure in December 2016 to take up an appointment as a judge of the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea.

I express my sincere condolences to Mr Foulds’ family at this sad time.

Elise Archer, Attorney-General




Labor today attempted to move amendments that would allow prisoners to continue to be released from prison three months earlier than the Court ordered.

Once again, Labor have shown callous disregard for victims of crime. If a Court hands down a sentence, then the time should be served and our Bill will ensure that’s the case.

The Labor Party continue to let down Tasmanians by refusing to stand up for victims of crime and support our plan to scrap remissions. Labor’s position means Tasmania will be the only state in Australia that still lets prisoners out of prison early under remission.

The Hodgman Liberal Government will continue to stand up for the community on this and ensure we improve the safety of all Tasmanians, particularly victims and our most vulnerable.

When the Bill gets to the Legislative Council it’s time Labor does the same.

Elise Archer, Minister for Corrections




The gross hypocrisy of the Labor Party was on full display as they attempted to politicise tragedy and rewrite their record of failure on law and order.

Tasmanians will see through their late breaking, shallow interest in community safety, after years of opposing sensible and appropriate policies to keep the community safe.

Labor’s record speaks for itself. They oppose mandatory minimum sentences for criminals that commit serious sexual offences against children. They won’t support our legislation to stand up for frontline workers including correctional officers, seriously injured doing their jobs.

And today, we now know they will stand by their deeply flawed position to retain the use of remission in our prison system, a practice that sees some prisoners set free up to three months before their sentence handed down by the court.

The granting of remission has been phased out in every other State in Australia. Remission does not reflect community expectations, and remission is not in keeping with truth in sentencing.

Unlike Labor, the Hodgman Liberal Government’s track record on law and order is beyond reproach. Our legislative agenda is substantial, our commitments prioritise community safety and will keep dangerous offenders off the street.

Critically, we have invested in more staff, more beds and more funding for the Tasmanian Prison Service than ever before. Only the Hodgman Liberal Government will build much needed new infrastructure, including new remand facilities in the south and a new, purpose-built prison in the north. 

Elise Archer, Minister for Corrections




The Government has written to the Secretaries of the Departments of Health and Justice and asked them to examine processes and procedures relating to prisoner psychiatric care assessments and prisoner discharges as an urgent priority.

It is expected that this work will also involve consulting clinical expertise as required.

While there will be a Coronial investigation, it is appropriate that further work is done as an urgent priority to ensure that psychiatric care assessments and prisoner discharge processes are as rigorous as they can be.

The Government has already announced clear action to abolish remission of sentences, and during the last term of Government we undertook considerable work to strengthen the processes and procedures with respect to prisoner releases.

As we said when we announced that we would move to scrap remissions in 2017, this practice is totally out of line with community expectations and Tasmania is the only state or territory in Australia that still lets prisoners out of prison early under remission.

We took the decision to abolish remissions and we were disappointed that we were not able to debate it in the Legislative Council late in the last term.

We have reintroduced the Bill to the House of Assembly following this year’s election and we intend to debate the legislation in the upcoming sittings of Parliament.

Elise Archer, Minister for Corrections


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