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The caring staff at BreastScreen Tasmania do an incredible job across the State in providing a vital early breast cancer detection service.

Recent figures show Tasmanian women are using the life-saving mammogram services available to them more than most other states and territories in the country.

Last year, BreastScreen Tasmania screened a record 32,420 women, which is an increase of more than 2500 screenings since 2014.

Part of this success is thanks to BreastScreen Tasmania taking its services to rural and regional areas across the State, in two high-tech screening buses.

All Tasmanian women aged 50 to 74 should have a breast screen every two years and are eligible for free screening. Women over 40 are also eligible to attend the clinic or buses.

I encourage all Tasmanian women in these age groups to make sure they are receiving regular screening mammograms, as these can detect breast cancers early before any symptoms even appear.

Tasmanian women with a screen-detected abnormality through BreastScreen Tasmania have been consistently assessed within 28 days of their mammogram, in line with national standards.

Importantly, this ensures timely diagnosis of breast cancers and can save lives.

To make a BreastScreen Tasmania appointment anywhere in the State, or to check if you’re due for your next screening mammogram, call 13 20 50. Appointments are also available during these school holidays.

Elise Archer, Acting Minister for Health




A new app is making it simpler and quicker to report Tasmanian native wildlife roadkill incidents to help paint a picture of roadkill hotspots across the State.

The free Roadkill Tas app enables users to record data on some of our most threatened species, including the Tasmanian devil – our state’s animal emblem, spotted tailed quolls – and the iconic Wedge-tailed eagle.

There is a need for consistent data collection to help develop a greater understanding of roadkill hotspots, as well as the species involved.

Many Tasmanian motorists are sadly already aware that driving on the roads comes with the risk of hitting and killing wildlife, and information will assist with management and mitigation techniques to try to reduce the amount of roadkill on Tasmanian roads and protect our threatened species.

The Roadkill Tas app will be trialled in Tasmania for two years, and was developed by Thundermaps, a New Zealand based app development company.

The app’s development was made possible by a generous $20,000 donation through the Tasmanian Devil Ambassador Program from the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Indiana in the United States.

While reporting roadkill is helpful it is important to remember that people never compromise their own safety or the safety of other people travelling with them in order to do so.

People need to be aware of their surroundings and safety, and remember it’s illegal to use the app while driving.

More information about the Roadkill Tas app can be found on the DPIPWE Save the Tasmanian Devil Program website www.tassiedevil.com.au 

Elise Archer, Minister for Environment




Labor has an appalling record when it comes to delivering elective surgery.

The fact is there is more funding for hospitals than ever before, with more than 600 extra frontline staff in the health system and improvements in outpatient and elective surgery waiting times.

Last time Labor was in Government, with the Greens, they sacked a nurse a day for nine months and some people waited more than 10 years for their surgery.

Now Labor is slashing funds when they’re not even in Government. During the 2016 election campaign, Federal Labor promised $40 million for elective surgery in Tasmania, and now they are promising $30 million.

And everyone remembers Tasmanian Labor cutting $58 million from elective surgery in 2011. The Liberals tried to overturn this in Parliament and Rebecca White voted against us.

Our latest budget includes a further $20 million for elective surgery, bringing our investment to more than $100 million since 2014.

This is in addition to our $757 million boost to Tasmania’s health system, which will see more than 1,300 additional staff in our health system and almost 300 new hospital beds over the next six years.

Bill Shorten and Justine Keay are again shining a light on Labor’s poor record when it comes to elective surgery in Tasmania.

The Turnbull and Hodgman Governments are the only ones who have proven to deliver on health and elective surgery.

Elise Archer, Acting Minister for Health



The Hodgman Liberal Government is proud to join with the rest of the country in highlighting and celebrating the history, culture and achievements of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples during NAIDOC Week.

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) will join in the celebrations with a variety of activities as part of its Discovery Day and School Holiday programs.

TMAG’s NAIDOC Week activities kick off on Sunday with a special welcome celebration featuring music and dance performances, followed by a wide variety of activities for visitors to enjoy throughout the day.

This year, NAIDOC Week’s theme ‘Because of Her, We Can!’ honours Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women as active and significant role models in our community.

Stories of past and present Tasmanian Aboriginal women will be presented by TMAG’s Senior Curator of Indigenous Cultures, Zoe Rimmer, as well as a special workshop led by renowned Tasmanian visual artist and National Treasure, Lola Greeno.

NAIDOC Week activities will continue over the School Holiday Program which runs from Tuesday, 10 July until Friday, 13 July.

The free program, titled She Shells, is inspired by TMAG’s current exhibition Lola Greeno: Cultural Jewels, which I had the great pleasure of opening recently. The exhibition includes daily workshops for children to explore traditional and contemporary Tasmanian Aboriginal shell necklace-making techniques.

Younger children can explore the early learners’ play space next door with their carers, which will contain games and resources on themes such as natural collections, shapes and patterns.

As a special feature during the holiday period, TMAG will be hosting two Festival of Voices pop-up choir performances on Thursday, 12 and Saturday, 14 July.

Discovery Day celebrating NAIDOC Week runs from 10:00am to 3:00pm on Sunday, 8 July.

The TMAG School Holiday Program runs from 11:00am to 2:00pm from Tuesday, 10 to Friday, 13 July.

Lola Greeno: Cultural Jewels is on show in Argyle Gallery 4 at TMAG until Sunday, 22 July 2018. For more information, visit: http://www.tmag.tas.gov.au 

Elise Archer, Minister for the Arts




After appointing herself as the Shadow Minister for the ‘Cultural and Creative Industries’ (a long name for the Arts), Labor Leader Rebecca White has stumbled at the first hurdle and categorically failed to represent the interests of the sector throughout the important budget process.

Not only did she fail to even mention the Arts in her budget reply speech, last week during estimates Ms White showed her complete disinterest, lack of preparation and knowledge of a sector she is supposed to represent.

After repeating the same questions already asked in the Legislative Council Committee on issues outside the State’s jurisdiction and budget, Ms White has started very poorly in this portfolio.

Perhaps embarrassed by her lacklustre performance, Ms White did not even bother to contribute to the debate today on the Budget Estimates process in this Output.

The Arts sector deserves better and if Ms White won’t commit the time and effort required in this important portfolio, she should give it to someone who will.

By way of contrast, the Hodgman Liberal Government has increased funding to the Arts, building on our proud record of support for this thriving sector.

Elise Archer, Minister for the Arts



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