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Today Labor again proved they will rubbish our hospitals and hardworking heath staff for a headline.

You just can’t trust Labor on health, here are the facts:

FACT: 2018-19 Budget includes $7.6 billion of health spending over the next four years. This is $1.7 billion more than the last term of the Labor-Green Government.

FACT: Labor’s own election policy committed $200 million less than the Government’s record $757 million investment. It was such a disaster that last month they refused to back it in as part of an alternative budget.

FACT: Labor’s health policy not only short changed Tasmanians, it included recurrent funding decreases each and every year, including up to $25 million a year by its third year.

FACT: Labor cut half a billion dollars from Tasmania’s health budget when last in government.

FACT: Former failed Labor Health Minister, Michelle O’Byrne, sacked a nurse a day for nine months.

When will Labor apologise to Tasmanians for sacking nurses and cutting half a billion dollars out of the health budget?

Labor have no credibility when it comes to Tasmania’s health system. 

Elise Archer, Acting Minister for Health




Today I convened a Waste and Recycling Round Table with local government and industry to discuss potential approaches to the recent restrictions on solid waste imports into China and explore the broader waste management priorities for Tasmania.

The move by China to reduce levels of contamination in recyclates entering the country has had an effect on Australian waste export markets, which is impacting on recycling businesses and local governments across the country. Tasmania has not been immune from this pressure.

Today was the perfect opportunity to hear directly from local government, regional waste managers and the recycling and waste industry about their key issues, priorities and opportunities for the future.

A key outcome of the Round Table was an agreement to collaborate on the further development of an overarching state-wide strategy, a new Waste Action Plan for Tasmania. This Plan also has the potential to create jobs and investment opportunities.

As part of our discussions, I released the consultant’s report on a model framework for a Container Refund Scheme for Tasmania. The report is the outcome of the 2017/18 State Budget initiative and it will be available on the EPA Tasmania website.

We know there is no single solution to our waste and recycling challenges, and the Government’s priority is on the development and implementation of an overarching Waste Action Plan for Tasmania.

Today, it was agreed that to be effective in reducing waste and litter and increasing recycling and recovery, initiatives such as a Container Refund Scheme (as well as the banning of particular types of waste streams like plastic bags and straws) must be considered in a much broader context, rather than in isolation. In this context, the Government will continue to consider the views of local government, industry, business and the community regarding a CRS and a range of other initiatives in developing the Waste Action Plan.

Mayor Doug Chipman, President of the Local Government Association of Tasmania said that local Government welcomes the Round Table. A strategic state-wide approach, developed collaboratively between State and local government, is recognised as being an important element in improving long-term waste outcomes in Tasmania.

“The impacts of China’s restrictions are being felt deeply by councils and the community’s interest in waste management in general has risen significantly,” Mayor Chipman said.

“We have five motions on waste at our upcoming LGAT General Meeting and I look forward to collaborating with the State Government in addressing these issues.”

Elise Archer, Minister for the Environment




Labor has no credibility when it comes to health and only feign interest in the portfolio for the sake of cheap political point scoring.

The facts are simple. When Labor was last in government they cut health funding by $500 million and sacked a nurse a day for nine months.

Tasmanians have not forgotten that Labor leader Rebecca White ran away from the health portfolio immediately after the election.

Nor have they forgotten their bungled Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment, and the fact Ms White was forced out of embarrassment to rule out the return of former failed Health Minister, Michele O’Byrne, to the portfolio during the recent election campaign.

The Hodgman Liberal Government’s record investments in health have resulted in shorter waiting times for elective surgery and we have opened more beds to help take pressure off our emergency departments.


We are delivering the single biggest boost to health care in Tasmania’s history – a $757 million health package over six years, to treat more Tasmanians sooner.


This includes 298 new hospital beds – an increase of more than 20 per cent. It will be supported by an additional 1,332 new staff and will result in 30,000 more Tasmanians getting treatment in our hospitals each year, within six years.


It includes an expected 802 more nurses, 158 more doctors, 128 more allied health professionals and 182 more operational and administrative support staff to care for Tasmanians at hospitals across the State.


Labor’s six year election policy was $200 million less than the Government’s and was such a disaster that last month they refused to back it in as part of an alternative budget. In fact, they had no alternative budget such is their economic incompetence.


While Labor chooses to rubbish our hospitals and extremely hardworking heath staff, the Government will continue to work constructively to support them and reduce demand pressure.


Tasmanians won’t be fooled by a Party whose only policy is whingeing and whose only platform is complaining.


Elise Archer, Acting Minister for Health




Tasmanians affected by the extreme weather event on May 10 and 11, 2018, are encouraged to apply for financial assistance before it closes on August 15.


Grants are available in the six municipalities that were significantly impacted - Clarence, Derwent Valley, Glenorchy, Hobart, Huon Valley and Kingborough.


Six grants are currently available to assist affected individuals, families, small businesses and non-profit organisations with the cost of recovering. They are:


• For individuals and households:


o Temporary Living Expenses Grant


o Replacement of Essential Household Items Grant


o Repair and Restoration Grant


o Individuals in Need Grant


o For more information, call Housing Tasmania on 1300 665 663 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm).


• Small Business Recovery Grant


o For more information, call Business Tasmania on 1800 440 026 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm).


• RACT Emergency Storm Fund for Non-profit Organisations


o There is currently no closing date for this grant.


o For more information, visit the RACT website at http://www.ract.com.au/community-funding or call RACT on 6236 4325 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm).


Grants are made available based on demonstrated need and eligibility, and are not a replacement for insurance or compensation for losses.


Individuals or organisations waiting to hear the outcome of an insurance claim may still be eligible for financial assistance, and are strongly encouraged to begin the application process now to ensure it is submitted by the cut-off date.


The financial assistance is provided by the Commonwealth and Tasmanian Governments through the jointly-funded Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.


Further information and eligibility criteria for each grant is available on the TasALERT website at http://www.tasalert.com/recovery

Elise Archer, Acting Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management





The cast and crew of Rosehaven are once again back on set to film the third season of the smash-hit comedy.

Filming at various locations around the State, including Oatlands, Geeveston, New Norfolk, Longley, Richmond, Seven Mile Beach, Mountain River, Brighton and Chigwell, shooting is set to wind up in a few weeks.

Shot entirely in Tasmania, the Hodgman Liberal Government has committed $500,000 to support the third season, building on the $950,000 investment the Government provided for the previous two seasons.

The production is expected to generate a further $2 million spend in the local economy, with the production recruiting over 50 local cast and crew.

As well as providing economic benefits for the State, Rosehaven has created invaluable professional development and job opportunities for Tasmanian screen practitioners.

Through Screen Tasmania’s attachment and trainee program, eight talented Tasmanians are working on set and alongside industry professionals across a range of different roles within this season’s production.

Among those, Emesha Rudolf from Hobart has secured a trainee Locations position which enables her to work and receive on-the-job training by a skilled professional.

This invaluable experience will help develop our Tasmanian talent and keep skills in the State.

Our investment in this production is just one example of how the Government is committed to supporting and growing Tasmania’s cultural and creative industries.

Rosehaven Season 3 will premiere later this year on ABC.


Elise Archer, Minister for the Arts




The caring staff at BreastScreen Tasmania do an incredible job across the State in providing a vital early breast cancer detection service.

Recent figures show Tasmanian women are using the life-saving mammogram services available to them more than most other states and territories in the country.

Last year, BreastScreen Tasmania screened a record 32,420 women, which is an increase of more than 2500 screenings since 2014.

Part of this success is thanks to BreastScreen Tasmania taking its services to rural and regional areas across the State, in two high-tech screening buses.

All Tasmanian women aged 50 to 74 should have a breast screen every two years and are eligible for free screening. Women over 40 are also eligible to attend the clinic or buses.

I encourage all Tasmanian women in these age groups to make sure they are receiving regular screening mammograms, as these can detect breast cancers early before any symptoms even appear.

Tasmanian women with a screen-detected abnormality through BreastScreen Tasmania have been consistently assessed within 28 days of their mammogram, in line with national standards.

Importantly, this ensures timely diagnosis of breast cancers and can save lives.

To make a BreastScreen Tasmania appointment anywhere in the State, or to check if you’re due for your next screening mammogram, call 13 20 50. Appointments are also available during these school holidays.

Elise Archer, Acting Minister for Health



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