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Budget 2017

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The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to creating a vibrant cultural and creative industry that supports all artistic endeavours, including artists from under-represented and diverse backgrounds.

Today, I am pleased to announce the first project supported through the new $2 million Screen Innovation Fund as part of this year’s State Budget.

The Short-Form Factual Initiative aims to increase career development opportunities for Tasmania’s diverse multicultural and under-represented groups, including those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island, LGBTIQ+, and regional or lower socio-economic communities.

The joint initiative between Screen Tasmania and SBS will support creative teams to develop a range of documentary and factual short-form content.

Up to three of these projects will be provided with a production budget to produce their film, with the finished programs to premiere on SBS’s streaming platform, ‘SBS On Demand’ from mid-2019.

Screen Tasmania will invest $80,000 towards the initiative, covering development grants, a workshop, and mentoring opportunities for Tasmanian creatives, and SBS will provide matched production funding.

This fantastic opportunity will give Tasmanian creative teams guaranteed pathways to audiences, and enable practitioners to develop their core skills and gain industry experience.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to supporting our Screen industry and will continue to invest in the production of significant, high-profile projects through Screen Tasmania’s ‘Capitalise’ program and the production of innovative early-stage projects through its ‘Originate’ program.

Expressions of Interest for the initiative will be open shortly, via http://www.screen.tas.gov.au

Elise Archer, Minister for the Arts




Congratulations to Tasmanian animation studio, Blue Rocket, Director Tony Thorne and the whole team behind Little J and Big Cuz on winning the TV Week Logie Award for Most Outstanding Children’s Television Program 2018.

The series was produced by Ned Lander Media, Media World Pictures and Hobart animation company, Blue Rocket and screened on NITV and the ABC.

Little J and Big Cuz is Australia’s first indigenous children’s animation and is one of NITV’s highest rating programs in the history of the channel.

The Tasmanian Government, through Screen Tasmania, invested $180,000 in the production, alongside Screen Australia, Film Victoria, the Australian Centre for Educational Research and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.

The 13-part animated television series explores the home and school lives of young Indigenous Australians, and has been embraced by indigenous and non-indigenous children alike.

It was produced in both English and a variety of Aboriginal languages, including one episode in the Tasmanian Aboriginal language palawa kani.

The series was devised by Ned Lander and co-created and directed by Tony Thorne, a Tasmanian Aboriginal animation director, illustrator and visual artist who has worked on films such as Harry Potter, Happy Feet 2 and The Hunger Games.

The Tasmanian Government has also invested $200,000 in a second season of Little J and Big Cuz which began production in Hobart in June.

The show will employ 14 Tasmanian cast and crew over the 18-month production period, again directed by Tony Thorne and co-produced by Alicia Rackett at Blue Rocket.

I congratulate Tony Thorne, Blue Rocket Productions and all the team behind Little J and Big Cuz on this well-deserved accolade, and look forward to season two of this ground-breaking series.

Elise Archer, Minister for the Arts




The Hodgman Liberal Government is continuing to strongly support the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program to ensure an enduring population survives in the wild.

We’re providing an extra $450,000 per annum over four years so it can continue its work with a key focus on wild devil recovery.

With the Australian Government co-funding agreement having concluded on 30 June 2017, the State Government remains the principal source of funding, contributing approximately $2.2 million for the Devil Program annually.

Since 2015, 86 devils have been released at three locations across the State (Narawntapu National Park, Stony Head Military Zone and wukalina, Mt William National Park). A fourth release of 26 devils at the Buckland Military Training Area occurred in mid-June.

While the major focus of the conservation program is wild devil recovery, funding also supports the management of a metapopulation of devils across intensive captive facilities, free-range enclosures and in isolated populations across the State.  It also supports research collaborations with the Universities of Tasmania and Sydney, and the Menzies Institute.

We take the protection of Tasmania’s unique fauna and flora seriously, and none more so than the Tasmanian Devil – our State animal emblem.

Elise Archer, Minister for Environment




The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to doing what it can to help save the Orange-bellied Parrot.

We are investing $2.5 million in a new captive breeding facility to significantly expand breeding capacity, with the aim of doubling the number of birds available for release to the wild.

Construction of the new facility has started at Five Mile Beach and will be staged to allow an increase to breeding capacity ahead of the breeding season, beginning 1 September 2018.

The balance of the facility will be operational by the end of the breeding season in April 2019.

We are continuing to monitor the population in the wild. During the 2017-18 breeding 19 wild birds returned to Melaleuca.

Twenty-three captive-bred Orange-bellied Parrots were released in the Spring to supplement the wild population.

The Government will continue to do what it can to ensure the ongoing survival of this endangered species.


Elise Archer, Minister for Environment




Labor is letting down every Tasmanian who expects strong penalties for abhorrent crimes.

The Hodgman Liberal Government remains absolutely committed to our election commitment to introduce minimum mandatory sentences for those who commit serious sexual offences against children.

We have also committed to reintroducing legislation to mandate minimum sentences for serious assaults on frontline staff.

There was a strong backlash against Labor when they ignored the Tasmanian community and victims by voting down legislation which would have meant guaranteed prison time for these serious crimes.

Despite having suffered their third worst election result ever it seems Labor still haven’t got the message that Tasmanians expect their elected members to actually represent their views.

At least the Labor party in Victoria have been listening to their community. The Victorian Labor Government has committed to overhauling and restricting the ability of defendants to use exceptional circumstances, or special reasons, to avoid being sentenced to a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment.

While Victorian Labor is promising that more criminals will go to prison under their reforms, Tasmania’s Labor Party can’t even commit to guaranteed prison time for the most heinous of crimes against children.

Sadly, in the last term, Labor and the Greens in Tasmania also opposed our legislation that would protect frontline workers. We will reintroduce legislation to achieve this goal and it’s up to Labor to declare whether they will support workers in this State.

It seems that the Labor Party are even out of step with their union backers on this important issue, with the Secretary of the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), Tom Lynch, appearing to endorse the Government’s plans for stronger sentences for those that assault our frontline workers.

*It is the duty of any responsible Government to do whatever is necessary to ensure Tasmanians feel safe, and we are committed to reintroducing these important and significant pieces of legislation in Parliament.

What is Labor actually committed to?

* ABC Radio Hobart on 19 June 2018


Elise Archer, Attorney-General




The Hodgman Liberal Government has committed $70 million to construct a new Southern Remand Centre at the Risdon site.

The new facility will have the capacity to accommodate more than double the amount of remandees originally anticipated (in excess of 140) and will ensure that they are housed and managed separately to convicted prisoners.

We know that separating those on remand from convicted prisoners has benefits, including the ability to better manage behaviours and improve ready access to legal representation and family.

Our remand population has increased in line with the national trend, from 19 per cent of the total prison population to 31 per cent in 2017, and infrastructure designed specifically for this cohort is important for prison operations, prisoners and staff.

The new Southern Remand Centre will be constructed in two stages, both of which are provided for in this budget. Stage one will comprise two accommodations units that will house more than double what was initially predicted and will be completed during this term.

Stage two will provide for considerable upgrades to shared facilities, including the health and visitor centres.

Only the Hodgman Liberal Government has committed to a major overhaul of Tasmania’s prison infrastructure, which includes not only the Southern Remand Centre but also a new northern prison.

We know that these projects will have considerable benefits for improved reintegration and rehabilitation of prisoners by creating increased opportunities for meaningful work on release, and importantly provide improved family connections for prisoners.

This is in stark contrast to the Labor Party, who famously back-flipped on its policy for a new, much needed northern prison, thereby depriving Northern Tasmania of the single biggest infrastructure project for the region and the 4000 direct and indirect jobs that would result.

Elise Archer, Minister for Corrections



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