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Message from Elise Archer:

I had an interest in politics prior to holding any public positions, and that’s why I decided to run in both local government and State elections, because I was fed up with poor local representation, the lack of transparency and accountability of the then government, and the impacts of their actions on our community. I also wanted to make a positive difference and give back to the community that had already given me many opportunities.

Educated in Hobart, I studied law at the University of Tasmania and commenced as a legal practitioner in 1994. I practised for 17 years predominantly in the areas of employment (industrial relations), anti-discrimination and insurance law and was a member of a number of legal committees. Before I was elected to Parliament in 2010, I was a senior associate, senior litigation lawyer at Dobson Mitchell & Allport in Hobart.

My work brought me into contact with a wide variety of clients and I also undertook unpaid legal work for a number of charitable and community organisations. I am also a former voluntary Board member of Community Transport Services Tasmania Inc. and Salamanca Arts Centre, and I was Council's aldermanic representative on a number of suburban traffic and other local committees and associations.

As an Alderman of the Hobart City Council from 2007 to 2010 I found the ‘grass roots’ contact with people and businesses on local issues a great aspect of the role and incredibly satisfying.

These endeavours provided a strong foundation for my entry into politics, which has provided me with an even greater platform to help people.

In order to provide the brightest futures possible for all Tasmanians and future generations, I  believe we need a strong economy.

Tasmania needs to strive to be one of the most competitive places to do business, one with the right environment to encourage investment and jobs growth.

I believe strongly in the unique character of Hobart and its surrounding suburbs, so that its liveability, which also makes it such a wonderful place in which to live and work, can be enhanced by utilising our strengths and saying ‘yes’ to a blend of appropriate development and improved public infrastructure and facilities.

Economic prosperity will allow us to better provide for those doing it tough in our community, strengthen our frontline services and make Tasmania even more affordable in which to live.

The State Liberal Government inherited significant challenges, but we are delivering on our long-term ‘Plan for a Brighter Future’ in order to stimulate the economy, restore confidence and create jobs. While there is a lot more work to do, we believe we’re heading in the right direction and on track to provide even better outcomes for Tasmanians.

I’m committed to doing everything I can to ensure the sense of optimism being felt in Tasmania continues and I thank you for allowing me the privilege of being your elected Member.

The Liberal Government’s vision for Tasmania is a state:

• That is more self-reliant and open for business, where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our enviable lifestyle, get a job and raise a family;

• Where we grow the economy and generate wealth so that we can create jobs and afford better essential services like health, education and public safety, and;

• With a responsible Government that lives within its means, has the right priorities and can be trusted.